Aboard Cabrillo's Galleon

"Aboard Cabrillo's Galleon is a riveting historical novel that showcases author Christine Echeverria Bender as a major literary talent. Of special note is the meticulous attention to historical detail enriching a thoroughly entertaining story populated by memorable characters. Aboard Cabrillo's Galleon is highly recommended for personal reading lists and would make an enduringly popular addition to community library collections."
Shirley Harber, Midwest Book Review

The Whaler's Forge

The activities of Basque whalers in early northeastern North America are the biggest historical secret of New World history. Christine Echeverria Bender brings their lives to light in a spell-binding story about a Basque man living among Native Americans. Information from history, Native life, and archaeology all contribute to a dramatic tale that is so plausible, it makes you think it really happened."
Dr. William Fitzhugh, Archaeological Curator of the Smithsonian Institution

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Sails of Fortune

"This is a wonderful book! It is exciting, well written, and faithfully follows the principal historical events surrounding the lives of Ferdinand Magellan and the primary protagonist of the tale, Juan Sebastian de Elcano."
Dr. Errol Jones, Professor of Post-Columbian History

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Challenge the Wind

"This fascinating and well-researched tale will make you look at history with new eyes during a journey on the Santa Maria with a young Basque sailor. The book places you on storm tossed ships and down in moldy holds. It will take you from first love to first contact. Domingo Laca dreams of going to sea and his dreams are answered, but like all heroic voyages, along with seeing new and exotic places; the hero comes back with losses, and changed forever by the journey. So is the reader."
Karen Glennon, International Reading Association


From joining a Smithsonian Institution archaeological team to crewing tall ships and crossing the Snake River on horseback, Christine will go to extremes to bring authenticity, accuracy and adventure to her stories.



Christine gives presentations at educational institutions and writers groups on a wide range of topics resulting from her research and writing.


About the Author

Fascinated by the intrigues of history, Christine carefully researches the past before sharing its bounty through powerfully vivid historical novels. Her writing has received awards and enthusiastic critical reviews, and her novels have become recommended reading by state Departments of Education. Christine has spoken to audiences about her writing and research at many venues, including appearances in California, Texas, Idaho, and Nevada.

Christine has been honored as a "Distinguished Alumni" by Boise State University, and has participated in the writer's studio program at Stanford University. Additionally, she was presented the key to the city of Corpus Christi, Texas for her work related to her novel Challenge The Wind.

Although Christine's wandering feet have taken her to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Canada, and Mexico, and she's lived in L.A., San Diego, and Chicago, she calls Boise her home. Her roots as a third generation Idahoan kept drawing her back to the people and places she holds so dear.

Coming from a family of nine, Christine wondered whether her first set of twins might be lonely without another sibling or two, so she and her husband, Doug, were lucky enough to have another set of twins! Nicholas, Anna, Adam, and Gideon are the pride and joy of their lives.

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